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Sales Turnover


Poor hiring decisions: The root cause of sales force failure

Most companies have no idea how much their sales turnover — or lack thereof — is costing them. It's imperative you understand your costs associated with hiring sales and sales management people who cannot and will not perform in your business market.


If you think you don't have a sales turnover problem, then maybe you do. Not enough!


To find out your total cost of hiring mistakes, including recruitment, development, and lost business, fill out the calculator below. We will not be collecting or storing any personal data. We simply want you to be absolutely aware of how much you've already spent in pursuit of your dream. And how much you'll continue to spend if you don't do something different.


Complete the following steps to view your turnover results

  1. Enter your costs in the input fields. Replace the sample numbers with your own expenses. Each column is critical to provide a clear definition of the costs and expenses incurred in salesperson turnover.
  2. Select the calculate button. Your results will then be calculated and presented to you.

Click here to view Lost Revenue Calculator Assumptions


1. Number of terminations (voluntary/involuntary) from your sales staff during the last five years

2. Average salary for your salespeople

3. Benefits

(Assume 25%)

4. Car and Travel Expense per salesperson


1. Advertising & Recruiter fees/hire

2. Average Number of candidates per open sales position

3. Average number of hours spent per candidate during the interview process

4. Average hourly cost of Managers & Execs

5. Average travel expense per candidate

6. Average training and orientation expense per hire


1. Expected gross sales per person Year 1

2. Actual Sales

3. Expected Margin (%)

4. Expected gross sales per person Year 2

5. Actual Sales

6. Expected gross sales per person Year 3

7. Actual Sales