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Sales Training

Ineffective salespeople – weak and poor performers - make up 62% of the sales population. Of the 62% of sales people falling into the weak and below acceptable category, 26% have been selling for at least 10 years. So experience is no indicator of success. Poor sales performance is attributed to the lack of professional selling skills. The great percentage of sales people have never experienced professional sales development coaching and lack strong sales fundamentals.

Core Sales Fast Track

Anchoring the right set of practices, behaviors and beliefs in sales people is essential to building a sales foundation from which to grow. The development of sales skills doesn’t happen in a two week course or even a four month program, all though both can help. Building a sales career takes thousands of hours in trial and error, coaching, encouragement and life long study. Core sales fast track is the first step in developing and honing your sales skills, it’s the strong foundational building block from which advanced customized one on one sales training/coaching springs from.

Who should attend?


From seasoned professionals to new sales people. The principles taught in our sales fast track program level the unfair playing field most buyers work from. Let’s face it, educated buyers, market conditions, competition (weak and strong), technology, information availability have all made the sales profession tougher than any time in history. Moving your sales force or career from a transaction methodology mind set to trusted advisor status requires the reshaping of your mind and sales skill sets to be successful in today’s markets.

Sales Fast Track is a two day event and is scheduled approximately every six to eight weeks (see News & Events) but also can be delivered at a time convenient for your entire sales force.

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