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Sales Management Training

According to research, more than 68 percent of organizations promote people to sales management positions from within.

  1. More than 85 percent assume that successful selling automatically translates into being a successful sales manager.
  2. 40 percent of organizations provide no training to be a sales manager.
  3. Of those organizations that do train sales managers, 55 percent rely solely on their own, homemade programs

Sales managers who fail may do so for one or more of these reasons:

  • Unprepared - no game plan
  • Have poor interpersonal skills
  • Selfish - Self-centered
  • Can’t rebound from past setbacks
  • Fear of taking decisive action
  • Lack of systematic thinking -- no processes
  • Have insufficient Tools

Sales Managers who succeed are better at creating an atmosphere where salespeople motivate themselves. They do this by:

  • Recruiting constantly
  • Hiring cautiously
  • Launching the salesperson with clarity
  • Creating a unique environment for each person
  • Spending time in the field
  • Curbside coaching

Core Sales Management Summit

Helping your sales team anchoring the right set of practices, behaviors and beliefs is essential to building a sales foundation from which to grow. The development of their sales skills doesn’t happen in a two week course or even a four month program, all though both can help. Helping them build a sales career takes thousands of hours for you (coaching and mentoring) and for them (trial and error and life-long study). Core sales Management Summit is the first step in developing and honing your sales management skills. It’s the strong foundational building block from which advanced customized one-on-one sales training/coaching springs

Sales Management Summit is a two-day program and is scheduled approximately every six to eight weeks or can be delivered at a time convenient for you.

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