Questionnaire for Sales Career Candidates

We are pleased you’ve accepted our invitation to learn more about our sales opportunity. Please set aside approximately 55 minutes to complete both steps of our process.

The questionnaire you are about to complete is the first step in our process and helps us to get to know you better. Our hiring process has often been described as being too selective for our own good; however, it has proven to help in managing the overwhelming response from candidates like you.

Answering the questionnaire honestly will help prevent both of us from making a costly mistake and costly mistakes are no good for either one of us. The goal is to create a win-win process by quickly determining if we are a fit for one another. If we find we’re not a fit we part friends.

After you've completed the questionnaire you will be directed to Step 2 of our process which is a Survey.

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1. How do you define success?

2. In your opinion, what does it take to be successful in sales?

3. What one thing must you do daily to ensure your sales success?

4. Why do you think people buy from you?

5. Describe your ideal sales culture.

6. Describe how you account for your daily sales activities.

7. How would you describe your selling style?

8. What management style do you thrive under?

9. How do you feel sales people should be managed?

10. Describe your ideal sales manager.

11. What do you like least about your current sales manager?

12. Based on our ad description, what about your background and skills tells you we might be a fit?

13. What are your sales strengths (3)?

14. What are your sales weaknesses (3)?

If you aren't totally intimidated by now, attach your Resume to include contact email addresses of previous employers for reference information.

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